Founded in 1984, MEC R&D grows in the forefront of electronic cardiorespiratory and pulmonary function testing device distribution. Once ISO 9001 certified in 2002, the company decided to develop, design and manufacture its own innovative CE-approved software technology and hardware medical devices, supported by successful collaborations with universities. MEC products are designed by experienced clinicians and technicians. They are manufactured with high quality components, with a particular care for easy operability and stability of performance, while maintaining the prices affordable. MEC has therefore become in the last years a well-known reliable company in the field of innovative medical micro-electronics. At the same time, our specialty remains the development of hardware and software-based cardiorespiratory devices combined or contained into micro-computers or PDAs. MEC devices are suitable for all kinds of end-users, as we offer tailored-made solutions for primary care, hospitals, private clinics, sports medicine and home care. With more than 30 years of experience in medical equipment, MEC engineers have developed the ability to satisfy the most accurate specifications and to offer our clients the best after sales service. Our goals are to improve the quality of diagnostic equipment and patient monitoring; to provide physicians with more reliable information and to assist them in their daily work with accurate, reliable and consistent measurement results. Our relentless focus on improving non-invasive diagnostic equipment brings us to continuously explore more measurement parameters which could have significant medical applications. The future holds enormous potential for medical technology and MEC operates to anticipate new innovative opportunities for growth by furthering partnerships with universities and by building successful collaborations with other forward-looking companies. Moreover, we listen to you, our customers, for innovative ideas.