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The PFT Systems Body is specially designed to determine:

  • Static and dynamic lung volumes: Spirometry / Flow-Volume
  • Bodyplethysmographic: Intrathoracic Gas Volume (ITGV)
  • Bodyplethysmographic: Airway Resistance (AWR)


Like all the MEC PFT Systems, the PFT Systems Body is upgradable and can be used with many options:

  • Diffusion capacity single breath DLCO/TLCO
  • Specific and non-specific Broncho challenge with PC20 PD20 levels
  • Airway Mechanics:Resistances and Compliances
  • Airway resistance with flow interruption, Rocc, Rint
  • Po1, Pimax, Pemax, sniff test
  • Respiratory drive and hypercapnic stimulus Po.1 and CO2 rebreathing
  • ErgoSpirometry 12 leads ECG
  • Fast (< 60sec) and reproducible results
  • Large fully air-tight bodybox with large door
  • Variable Orifice Membrane pneumotachometer VOM
  • Fast and reliable acquisition system future technology minded
  • Mobile customizable trolley with isolated power supply
  • Powerful and flexible software.
  • Reports available in Word, HTML, XML, PDF, etc.
  • Export automatically the results to the hospital medical files
  • Full HL7 compatibility.
  • Comply to the ATS/ERS 2005 guidelines
  • Fast Automatic calibration .
  • Comply to the ATS/ERS 2005 guidelines


For the measurement off:
Spirometry/flow-volume, MVV, body plethysmography (resistance loop:SRawtot, SReff, Rawtot, Reff, Rin, Rex, lung volume: TGV, TLC, RV, RV%TLC ), ROCC, PImax/ PEmax/ P100, offline input of many configurable parameters (blood gas, patient questionaires, etc..).