The PFT Systems ERGO is a complete gas exchange analysis system with integrated 12 lead ECG.


The gas exchange and ECG 12 leads are simultaneously measured and displayed on two separate screens.

The trolley with stand and housing is equipped with fast response semi-conductor O2 analyzer and infrared CO2 analyzer.

Volume measurement is made with a very lightweight and precise bi-directional digital volume transducer which can be placed directly at the mouth of the patient or by a face mask. The sensor is insensitive to water vapor and breathing gases; dead space is low (30 ml).

The calibration system is integrated for volume and flow and fully automatic for the gas analyzers.


Simultaneous screen display of up to 40 parameters on separate graphical windows.

The data final report is freely configurable in MS Word, displaying the desired parameters via the assistance of numeric tables or graphics. All the reports may be saved as Word document or PDF, RTF, XML, HTML …

The PDI software will take care to export the data and reports to your central Medical System ie. XML, HL7 , GDT/BDT… More than 10 communication protocols are available.



Graphical display of the patient optimal training program.
Selection between manual and automatic stress process control is possible at any time.
Software assistant generates and store any stress testing profile quickly.
Determination of the anaerobic threshold can be selected:

Post-conditioning of all recorded measurements.
Monitoring limits of all desired parameters including alarm functions.
Manual input of external measured data during and after measurement.

Online transfer of blood pressure, BGA and SpO2 measured data to the measurement protocol.
Automated interpretation scheme according to Wasserman.