The PFT Systems Diff is specially designed to determine:


Comfort for your patients and for you:

The Apnea Time is often a real handicap for COPD-Patients therefore we offer short breath-hold time option, interruptible down to 6 seconds.
The PFT Systems Diff records the respiratory pressure during a breath holding manoeuvre of the Single Breath Diffusion test  (Monitoring of alveolar pressure).
The exhaled gas concentration-slopes give important information about the test validity and about the uneven gas distribution into the respiratory airways.
Even with Alveolar Volumes down to 0.8 Liters, Diffusion Capacity Measurement is possible, thus the PFT Systems Diff is well suited for restrictive syndromes and Pediatrics.
A Fast-Space balancing method is used for effective FRC, RV, TLC determination by CH4 gas dilution techniques


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